Examples of demonstrating navigation

and routing using InNav mobile

Application - To use it contact mmusawa@smartnavigation.ae

Here are examples of demonstrating outdoor to indoor navigation and routing

The data and information are not real. It is put here only for demo, example and showcasing InNav platform and mobile app functions

Mobile Phone

Get the latest version of the mobile phones

Click here to get outdoor to indoor navigation and routing to t

he item 


Best Selling Clothing

One-stop shop for all your daily needs!

To shop online, please visit the website

Click the link to navigate and get outdoor to indoor

route to the item



Candy Shop

 specialty frozen desserts and beverages.

For more info, please visit the website

For dine-in experience, click the link to navigate.


Enjoy Flat 30% OFF on your favourite ladies collection. Scan QR to navigate.

Book Fair 

Exhibitor 1


City: Abu Dhabi

Category:Book Seller

Activity:General Books, Islamic Books, Scientific books,

Official books, Children Books, Literary books, Law Books, Heritage's Books, Electronic products, International, Digital Products, Media

Visit our booth at the book fair 

Click the link to navigate or SCAN the QR Code:


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